City Plumber offers services for all your plumbing and heating needs. Serving all of London, we can help solve any plumbing problem, no matter how big or small. With competitive rates and plenty of experience, we are the only plumber you’ll need.




We can also help with smaller issues such as leaking taps. Fixing your leaking taps can save you money, and can also help prevent bigger problems down the line. City Plumber handles more than repairs, too. We can install your new plumbing systems, including full bathrooms, showers, and domestic appliances, such as washing machines. You don’t need to do it yourself; with our competitive prices and experience, you’ll be impressed with the quality of our work.




City Plumber is your London boiler specialist. If your boiler breaks down, we offer quick and reliable service. If you want to upgrade your home’s heating system, we can design and install your home’s new heating.


We have experience in installing all types of heating systems. We offer competitive rates and excellent service for boiler installation, radiator installation, and underfloor heating installation. You can also call on City Plumber for the installation and service of unvented hot water cylinders or heat pumps.


Power Flushing


Using a special process, we clear your heating system of sludge, debris, lime scale, and other deposits. All of these can cause problems in your heating system. If your system is slow to heat up, or if there are cold spots on your radiators, it might need cleaning. Frequently needing to bleed your radiators is also a sign of debris.


Power flushing is the best way of keeping your heating system clean. A clean system is more energy efficient and heats your home more effectively. The professional equipment we use is a key part of the cleaning, but you can also rest assured that our experience will ensure that the process is done correctly.




City Plumber is a CORGI-registered gas engineer, too. We can help with every part of your home’s gas system. We are able to install new gas appliances, including all brands of boilers. If your home needs new gas supply pipes fitted, we can do it right at a competitive price.


We also offer gas safety checks. These are required for landlords, but can give any homeowner peace of mind. We check the property’s gas supply as well as the flue gas. We can help you ensure that your home is safe from dangerous gas leaks or carbon monoxide.



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